Shri Kappadi Kshetra

The Shri Kappadi Kshetra Jathre is held from the day of Mahashivarathri festival to the day of Chandramana Ugadi festival. This Kshetra did not have any buildings till 1968. In 1968, the then Pontiff of Malavalli Matha, Late Sirdar M. L. Raje Urs constructed a temple complex. Thereupon, the Malavalli Matha has undertaken many developmental works at the Kshetra. Anna Dasoha is held at the Matha during the Jathra period. Many facilities such as Chandrasale, Mudighatta (tonsuring place), Snanada Ghatta (bathing place), drinking water facility for the devotees, toilets, etc. have been provided. Steps have been taken for conserving the surrounding environs too.

Manteswami Sadsadsadsa Shri Kappadi Kshetra

Sacred places of worship at Shri Kappadi Kshetra –

  • Shrine of Shri Rachappaji – The Shrine at Shri Kappadi Kshetra is the Moola Gaddige (Original Shrine) of Shri Rachappaji. There is a Nelamaalige (underground room) below the marble shrine that we see today. Here, Shri Rachappaji achieved Samadhi. The Nelamaalige is about 20 feet below the Marble Shrine. Shri Rachappaji was a Vachanakara (Vachana Poet) who lived in the 16th Century CE according to historical records. His vachanas are preserved and worshiped even today.
  • Shrine of Chennajjamanni – The Gaddige of Chennajjammani (Her original shrine too is in the Nelamaalige).
  • Siddappaji Devasthana – Kandaya (Symbol of Shri Siddappaji is placed on a small platform in the shape of a gaddige). It is believed that even today Siddappaji visits Rachappaji during the Jatre.
  • Manteswamy Basava – The Basava (Sacred Bull) symbolizes Shri Manteswamy.
  • Kadebagilu – the Main entrance to the Kshetra premises
  • Konda – A well type circular structure. On the last Monday of the Jatra period, a sacrificial fire is lit to appease the saints.
  • Uriyuva Gaddige – the place where Shri Rachappaji gave Darshana to his devotees. Today, the presiding Mathadhipathi sits on the gaddige and gives darshana to the devotees twice a day during the Jatra period.

Over the years, Kappadi has grown to become an important centre of Pilgrimage. Every year, during the Jatre thousands of people congregate at the Kshetra. People belonging to all castes, creeds and religions worship the shrine of Shri Rachappaji. The Kshetra is also a sacred place for the surrounding population to settle disputes by swearing before the Shrine. People who have not been able to conceive are given pinda prasada and many couples have benefited from this. At Shri Kappadi Kshetra, in accordance with the Veerashaiva ideology, no elabroate pujas or rituals are held. The devotees only seek the blessings of the presiding pontiff and offer coconuts to the deity. During the month-long Jatre, no coconuts are broken before the deity.

People who visit the shrine come with a wide variety of ailments, related to both the mind and body. Vows are made before the shrine and the stories of people being cured of ailments or relieved from sufferings are abound.