Gnanavi Trust

With a view to provide good and quality education to their children, people of Konanakoppalu Village which is located between Chikkanadoddi and Manchanapura villages established the Gnanavi Rural
Development Trust. The trust now falls under the operations of Manteswami Matha. The main objective of the trust was to provide better education than private schools.

Leader of the team Shri M. Nagaraj, along with Devarajachari, Halaguraiah, K. C. Mahadevaiah, Swamy Mallayya, Lingaraju, Nandish, Chowdesh and C.T. Raju, Mutturaju, Yogeesh of the surrounding villages came up with a programme named ‘We-You for school’. The focus of this programme is to improve quality of education in the village, adoption of natural farming methods in agriculture, creation of new jobs, etc. The other important area of focus of this programme is to extend training programmes for all the teachers, non-teaching staff and children of all the government schools across the State and all round development of the society.

Education not only provides us knowledge but shows us the way to lead a decent and respected life; it is the foundation for all round development of any individual, community, region, State and Country.

Though the Govt. has been constantly increasing its budget allocation for the development of educational sector, the needs and expectations of school education is also growing. The present educational scenario has reached a level where it is not enough to have required infrastructure in schools such as natural light, air, water and toilet facilities and for the teachers to manage regular teaching. It is now important to create a playful and refreshing atmosphere in the classroom and make efforts to teach the children by adopting new techniques; the curriculum and teaching methods should be relevant to the real life conditions of the students and be more meaningful.

As per available sources, there are a total number of 73,417 schools (Lower and Higher Primary schools) functioning under the Education Department and the Social Welfare Department of the State Government. These include Jawahar Navodaya, Central, Sainik Schools, NRI, Madrasas, Arabic, etc. Out of this, the percentage of schools in rural and urban areas is 74.74% and 25.26% respectively. Out of every 5 primary schools in the State, 4 are run by the State Govt. or aided by Govt. Out of every 10 lower primary schools, 9 schools are run by the State Government. Even in the high school level, out of every 5 schools, 3 are government schools.

But in recent days more and more people are attracted towards private schools both in rural and urban areas. Even parents living in rural areas are intending to send their children to private schools. As a result, the admissions in govt. schools are declining rapidly and the State Govt. is contemplating on closing government primary schools which have less than 10 students. But, majority of the students who are learning in govt. schools are from poor and economically weaker families, backward castes and children from rural households. Keeping this in mind and also for development of the country, efforts are required to improve the quality of education available in govt. schools to bring those children into the mainstream society.

In such a situation where expectations of the school education system are unstoppable, there are several challenges before the govt. schools. The govt. schools can face these challenges by entering into partnerships with NGOs.

Non Government Organisations/Voluntary organisations have come up with several innovative strategies and evolved successful models in order to retain the govt. schools. With a view of meeting the Universal Primary Education goals, institutional mechanisms and partnerships between different agencies and the government, NGOs and government, govt. and private sector is essential. There are many examples where partnerships with NGOs have become very successful.

The Gnanavi Trust adopted the Govt. Higher Primary School of Konanakoppalu village in Malavalli Taluk of Mandya District in the year 2008 and took over the responsibility of improving it. A Rs. 50 lakh project was prepared to develop the school and Rs. 20 lakhs has already been mobilised through various sources. Introduction of English medium instruction to the students studying in 6th Standard along with LKG and UKG has been an achievement. About 15 guntas of land has been donated by the Gnanavi Trust to the Education Department for development of this school and efforts are made to provide all other basic infrastructure, computers and required support for appointment of experienced teachers.

Likewise, the Gnanavi Truast also adopted the Govt. Higher Primary and High School of Ravandur Village in Periyapatna Taluk of Mysuru District and has taken up the task of constructing a new building for the school with the help of old students, donors, other like-minded people and people of surrounding villages.

The Trust is also engaged in providing necessary facilities to government schools and anganwadi centres in Periyapatna Taluk with support from Rotary Club and other organisations. It is also involved in organising various workshops and camps like yoga camp, meditation camp, cleanliness, health camps, personality development and learning camps, tree planting campaigns for the benefit of students and other social development activities.

Govt. schools adopted and developed by Gnanavi Trust

  • Govt. School – Konanakoppalu, Malavalli Taluk, Mandya Dist.

  • Govt. School – Hosur, Shiggaon Taluk, Haveri Dist.

  • Govt. School & Anganwadi – Ravandur, Periyapatna Taluk, Mysuru Dist.

  • Govt. School – Boppasamudra, Maddur Taluk, Mandya Dist.

Those who want to develop govt. schools in rural areas can contact us on the following phone numbers or e-mail:
Name: Nagaraj
Phone Number: 9731699449
Paramapujya Sri M. L. Varchasvi Srikanta Siddalinga Raje Urs, seer of Sri Manteswamy Math in Malavalli Sri Kappadi Kshetra and Adihonnanayakanahalli, has been constantly supporting all the activities of the Gnanavi Rural Development Trust.

The Manteswamy Math has taken up the task of adopting the Govt. schools in Konanakoppalu and Ravandur in association with the Gnanavi Rural Development Trust which has evinced its interest to work under the guidance of the former.

The Manteswamy Math has plans to adopt and develop more number of Govt. schools in the coming days, under the guidance of Sri M. L. Varchasvi Srikanta Siddalinga Raje Urs.